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MyWorkspace provides free access to the key functionality of our cloud and mobile management solution. Save nerves, time and money and get to know the benefits related to a flexible, secure and efficient work environment. Simply log in and get started.

Basic Edition

per user per month


  • Free for ever
  • max 2 apps
  • max 5 personal apps
  • max 1 connector

Enterprise Edition

per user per month


  • 1€ / month / user
  • unlimited apps
  • unlimited personal apps
  • unlimited connectors

Editions tailored to your needs

MyWorkspace is available in two editions: You will only pay for functionality that you really need – of course, upgrades and downgrades are possible anytime. In case you have questions on the scope of the MyWorkspace functionality, please do not hesitate to give us a call or use our contact form. We are happy to provide advice.

Basic editionEnterprise edition
Allows every end user to directly access and personalize a set of SaaS or web applications and their associated data – includes multiple single sign-on options.
Company Favorites
Empowers IT administrators with a new way of assigning specific applications to individual companies/employees.
Web Clip
Easy integration of web resources and services to create a single point of entry for users to access all the applications and data they are permitted to use.
User & Group Management
Ensures administrators stay in control of the resources that different users, groups, teams or whole departments are allowed to use.
Role-based User Access
Role-based access to the intuitive management console ensures every user gets access to the right information and functions at the right time.
Browser- and Device-agnostic Service
Users can access their workspaces with any operating system or Internet-enabled device, and the fully responsive HTML5 user interface ensures they can work quickly and productively wherever they are
Login via External Identity Providers
Empowers IT departments to let end users select their preferred identity provider, e.g. Google, Facebook or LinkedIn.
Personalized Corporate Workspace
Allows users to customize the way they organize and access different applications within their workspace to support maximum productivity.
Support for Custom Apps
MyWorkspace acts as an integration platform for all kinds of web-based applications, whether developed in-house or by third parties, including the growing list of prepackaged applications available from the Matrix42 Marketplace.
App Catalog
The Matrix42 App Catalog is part of the Matrix42 Marketplace and allows every MyWorkspace customer to download prepackaged applications provided by Matrix42 and its rapidly expanding partner ecosystem.
Custom Login Page
Every customer gets access to a bespoke login page that features a rebranded user interface, customer-specific login options, and a custom URL within the customer’s corporate web domain.
Device-independent Access to the Workspace
Users get intuitive interfaces and apps for their favorite smartphones and touch devices. There is no learning curve – they can start working productively within a familiar application environment immediately.
Device Management
The Device Management Module enables devices to be managed easily from within the MyWorkspace portal, providing additional context when checking portal access methods, and allowing native clients to be added to multiple mobile platforms without additional integration work.
Custom Branding
Matrix42 integrates your corporate identity seamlessly into the MyWorkspace environment without any major reprogramming.
Cloud Connector for Active Directory
The cloud connector allows seamless integration into existing Active Directory infrastructure without requiring complex and expensive additional infrastructure components. No changes to existing firewall or security setups are required.
Federated Integration within Existing Infrastructure
Allows the integration of existing Active Directory infrastructure based on the federated architecture approach Microsoft has implemented with its Active Directory Federation Services.
Cost control for SaaS & Web Applications
MyWorkspace enables usage reporting for integrated SaaS or web applications, increasing cost transparency and making it easy to identify optimization potential.
Reporting & Dashboards
The reporting and analytics dashboard helps IT maintain control over your MyWorkspace environment by making it easy to capture, measure and visualize performance against all your most important SaaS and cloud KPIs e.g. login storms, top 10 used apps, application usage, inactive accounts, etc.
Authorization for SaaS & Web applications
Enables management (create, update & delete) of user accounts for all registered SaaS & Web applications.
Support for Azure Active Directory & Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 is a leading cloud-based line of business application that has already been adopted by many organizations. Azure Active Directory helps the IT department manage the on-premise to cloud transformation, and MyWorkspace enables a seamless integration with multiple identity providers e.g. local Active Directory, Google Directory, etc.
Adaptive Access to the Workspace
Adaptive access control provides many different pieces of contextual information that verify if the end user should have access to the application, and which kind of client can be used, e.g. GPS, Carrier network, joined WiFi, jailbreak status of the device, etc.
Data & Event Aggregation
MyWorkspace seamlessly integrates each customer’s corporate data and end user identities into the workspace environment. This ensures each user has access to the right data and applications at all times.
Workspace Management License Compliance Integration
License Compliance integration allows Matrix42 Workspace Management customers to build a broader foundation around license compliance rules, so that SaaS and web applications are included, in addition to traditional client-based applications or service-based licenses.

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