How MyWorkspace by Matrix42 simplifies your professional life

End-Users are expecting a maximum of productivity

MyWorkspace is the unique solution at the market which aggregates Workspace-Compliance, Device Management, SaaS and Web-Applications plus the integration of content and remote support into a single holistic web based platform.

Browser-based Access

Allows users to access corporate applications from any device purely via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and an Web browser – without expensive virtual desktop software.

Get the Right Workspace Aggregator.

MyWorkspace with it’s innovative features and functions, fulfils the description of what leading analyst house Gartner calls a „workspace aggregator“: a solution which enables IT „to control and orchestrate delivery of PC, Web and mobile applications, as well as data, in a managed, secure and context-aware manner to PCs, tablets and smartphones“.

Finding the Right Workspace Aggregator

Let’s have a look at what you need to consider when choosing a workspace aggregator.

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Discover the innovative and groundbreaking functionality of MyWorkspace.


Easy for both IT staff and users.
Secure and resource-friendly for your company.

MyWorkspace is the only solution that provides connectivity between device-independent work environments and existing IT infrastructures. This professional cloud and mobile management system can be implemented quickly and ensures a convincing, excellent, and motivating user experience.

  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Secure provisioning of apps, data and devices
  • Centralized control of work environments
  • Unified presentation for users and IT staff
  • Motivating user experience
  • Total return on investment