Unified Web and Cloud Service Access


Unified end user access to Web and SaaS applications and their associated data from a single interface with multiplesingle sign-on options.

Custom App Support:

Integration of Web-based applications, whether developed in-house or by third parties, including the growing list of prepackaged applications available from the Matrix42 Marketplace.

App Catalog:

The Matrix42 App Catalog is part of the Matrix42 Marketplace. It allows MyWorkspace customers to download prepackaged applications provided by Matrix42 and its expanding partner ecosystem.

Device-independent Personalized Workspace Access:

Intuitive interfaces and apps for access from the end user‘s favorite smartphone or touch device, without any learning curve for immediate productivity; includes add-ons for device-specific customization (e.g. „pin to dock“ for Mac OS X clients).

Personalized Corporate Workspace allows users to customize their workspaces for maximum productivity.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote App/Remote Desktop Support:

easy browserbased access to remote apps and virtual desktops hosted in the company‘s data center or in the cloud (Desktop-as-a-Service). Allows users to access corporate applications from any device purely via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
and an Web browser – without expensive virtual desktop software.

Identity Management

User & Group Management:

Centralized control of the resources that different users, groups, teams, or departments are allowed to use.

Role-based User Access:

Role-specific access to the intuitive management console for quick information gathering and easy delegation.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile Device Management Integration:

Allows for centralized control of end user devices for end-to-end mobile endpoint security throughout the device lifecycle, even in COPE/BYOD scenarios. .

Self-Service Enrollment/Unenrollment:

Enables full automation of on-/off-boarding processes for quick, effortless access to enterprise resources, as well as reliable termination of access if required (i.e. in case of device loss or end of employment).

Privacy Support:

Exclusion of end users‘s personal apps and data from central management and control for COPE/BYOD-friendly deployments.

Adaptive Access:

Provides device-specific context (e.g. carrier network, joined Wi-Fi, jailbroken or rooted device) for enhanced endpoint security when accessing apps, services, and corporate data.

License and Subscription Management

Web/SaaS App Account Management:

Management (create, update, delete) and authorization of user accounts for all registered SaaS and Web applications.

License Compliance Integration

Allows for building a broader foundation around license compliance rules for inclusion of SaaS and Web applications into the corporate application landscape.

Web/SaaS App Cost Control

Metering and reporting of SaaS or Web application telemetry data for cost transparency.

Cost and License Usage Dashboards:

Easy capturing, measurement, and visualization of SaaS and cloud KPIs, e.g. application usage, login storms, top ten used apps, inactive accounts, etc. for usage and licensing optimization, including swift account deprovisioning.

Customization Options

Custom Branding:

Seamless adaptation to a customer‘s corporate identity with minimal programming effort.

Custom Login Page:

A rebranded user interface, customer-specific login options, and a custom URL within the customer’s corporate Web domain.

Company Favorites:

Facilitates easy assignment of specific applications to individual user groups/employees.