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MyWorkspace is a product by Matrix42, one of the top vendors of software for state-of-the-art and future-oriented, sustainable work environments. More than 3,000 customers – including BMW, Infineon and Carl Zeiss – rely on our workspace management solutions to manage more than 3 million workspaces worldwide.

Matrix42 maintains successful global presences.
The company is headquartered in Frankfurt/Main – Germany.

Core competencies and local partners

Matrix42 has a strong focus on user orientation, automation and process optimization. Our software solutions address the requirements of users that want to work from any location and with any device as well as the needs of the IT organization and the licensed company as a whole, across all industries and for business of all company sizes. We provide local advice and support to our customers in cooperation with experienced partners.

The reality makes sustainability

Some years ago, we could hardly imagine what has meanwhile become an every-day reality in large enterprises and small and midmarket businesses alike: Employees are not always sitting at their desks, but want to and must be able to access business data and applications from any location to meet high productivity expectations.

Decision-makers must face and adapt to this reality to ensure the future competitiveness of their company. As a result, a sustainable, future-proof workspace management solution is becoming a basic component of any IT and process planning initiatives.

More security for your
enterprise IT

Higher employee productivity

Cost optimization across all processes



For 20 years, the Matrix42 solutions have helped user organizations to improve the ease of use and efficiency of their IT – for employees, the IT department and the company as a whole. As a Matrix42 product, MyWorkspace can leverage and benefit from this excellent expertise. We deliver and manage future-oriented, digital self-service workspaces that fully address the requirements of today’s mobile workforce.


We have a focus on a positive user experience. We account for users’ actual work requirements and provide unified, user-friendly environments that help achieve productivity gains. Last but not least, working with MyWorkspace is fun and an enjoyable experience.



We are pioneers in the market for device-independent work environments and we perceive the browser as the operating system of the future, since anything else would be inconsistent. With 3,000 customers worldwide, Matrix42 is a global and renowned innovation driver in the IT industry – leading IT market research company Gartner has positioned Matrix42 as a visionary vendor.


Our promise:


Our claim:
We set new standards

MyWorkspace sets a new and unique standard for intuitive, secure and easy-to-manage user workspaces on any device. The centralized workspace portal allows you to integrate SaaS, web and legacy applications easily with your existing IT infrastructure and to implement them into existing Active Directory infrastructures within minutes.

MyWorkspace is the only solution on the market that enables you to manage access to applications, corporate documents, devices and user IDs from one single, secure web-based environment.

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