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We ensure easy management and security

Your IT team must master the high complexity related to cloud computing and a greater variety of devices and applications – without time-consuming interventions into the IT landscape.

Challenge for your IT infrastructure

IT administrators must ensure the safe provisioning of apps to their users without reducing employees’ productivity increases gained through SaaS and web applications. The Active Directory service may be able to solve many related problems – if the company uses this service.

If you follow current developments, you will certainly have heard buzzwords such as “password manager”, “single sign-on” or “identity and access management”.

Today’s and tomorrow’s workspaces are increasingly based on SaaS and web applications; MyWorkspace allows for the easy, secure and device-independent provisioning of such work environments to users. Important business data, too, must meet ease of use, security and independence requirements

MyWorkspace serves as link between the proven local Active Directory database and web-based SaaS applications. If your company also works with the cloud-based Azure Active Directory, this directory service can also be integrated.
MyWorkspace by Matrix42 is a SaaS solution for companies and their IT departments that provides much more than simple single sign-on and password manager functionality. MyWorkspace is also much easier to use than many other widely-used identity and access management solutions.

Cloud adoption rates for application and infrastructure provisioning within enterprise environments are high, and IT departments are struggling to maintain control over all the tools used by the employees. Using personal devices for business purposes is also a challenge. Based on estimates, up to 2000 unsafe apps are installed on mobile devices within companies of average size – obviously this is bears major security risks.

85 %of applications access sensitive data.

37 % of applications perform suspicious actions; for instance, they check whether the device is rooted, during app installation and uninstallation, they record calls and perform many other actions.

35 % of applications share personal information such as the browser history, calendar and other details.

Today’s mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems have been designed to enforce company policies on managed devices. On the other hand, they are in need of an automated and scalable mechanism to update information on thousands of unsafe apps to be added to global public app stores. According to forecasts by Gartner, by 2017 about 25% of all companies will have their own enterprise app store to manage approved apps for PCs and mobile devices and to regain more control on the apps used by their employees. Probably this also gives companies more power to negotiate better prices with app providers.

However, to generate real benefits from their own app store, it must enjoy a high degree of acceptance by employees. Considering employees’ usual skeptical attitude towards the intranet, this may become a problem. In the US, an estimated share of only about 30% of employees use the internal intranet, which results in 450 to 550 billion USD of productivity losses per year.

Gartner also estimates that currently 75% of all mobile devices in enterprise environments would not pass basic security tests, while on the other hand cybercrime attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and the number of attacks on enterprises is increasing.

Companies that leverage modern trends such as mobility and cloud computing to increase employee productivity and satisfaction are pressured to find new ways of mastering related risks.

MyWorkspace – the perfect addition to your IT

Safe integration of SaaS and web applications into your existing Active Directory infrastructure.

Multiple levels of control over users’ access to workspace applications and content.

Easy, safe and fast on-/off-boarding of employees.

Standardized compliance enforcement, based on internal company policies and external regulations.
Orchestrated provisioning and unprovisioning of PC, web and mobile applications.

Safe handling of business data.
Application life cycle management including measurement and monitoring
Context-based security.
A motivating user experience, thanks to a standardized and intuitive workspace.

Easy integration and provisioning

Integrate MyWorkspace easily and directly via the Matrix42 Marketplace.
Easily control and manage application provisioning by user roles and functions via the MyWorkspace launch pad.

Ensure safe applications on any device (including native applications on tablets and other smart devices).