Maximize the return on your existing IT investments

Use MyWorkspace by Matrix42 to ensure easy, flexible and secure access to business applications and data – at minimum cost.

Supply your IT team what they need

Motivate your users

Make life easier for you.

Easy control of and more secure log-ins and log-outs – for all applications.

Very granular control of workspace access attempts, based on role-based monitoring of corporate apps, data and IDs.

Full compliance with and strict enforcement of security policies.

Time savings and productivity gains through one single password for all apps – a motivating experience

No lengthy searches for web addresses (put an end to the “URL madness”).

Fast and easy workspace access from any device and any location

Easy, efficient and secure – MyWorkspace helps you to optimize all application processes without the need to change the existing IT infrastructure.

Automated and clearly structured – Ensure optimized control of your company’s cloud/SaaS licenses.

Fast and easy – Integrate additional applications, based on preconfigured mobile, cloud and SaaS apps.

A safe and structured approach to get the mobile reality under control

During the last few years, enterprise application landscapes have undergone profound changes, while overall IT developments are advancing at an extremely fast pace. Devices as well as the majority of apps have been mobilized – and optimized access control of sensitive data has become a top management priority. Web and SaaS applications (software as a service) have become an every-day business reality in companies of all sizes. Matrix42 has conducted a comprehensive study to examine the status quo in German companies. The results leave no doubt:

MyWorkspace by Matrix42 is an efficient, user-friendly and reliable tool for closing security holes to help companies ensure consistent and easy access to important business apps and data – independent of the device and location.

Some years ago, we could hardly imagine what has become an every-day reality in large enterprises and small and midmarket businesses alike: employees are not always sitting at their desks, but access business applications and data via all kinds of mobile devices and from anywhere.

Also, typical business applications are increasingly purchased, based on the web or SaaS model. Additional solutions include mobile device and IT service management and also storage applications such as Dropbox or Microsoft’s OneDrive. The world of office applications is also moving in this direction, headed by Microsoft’s Office 365.
The increasing number of SaaS and web applications also results in a higher degree of complexity, which is challenging both users and IT staff: Initially, users perceive the benefits of cloud applications that can be used anywhere on their mobile and stationary devices; but it becomes evident rather quickly that these advantages come with new challenges.

Employees must handle many different passwords, for instance, to log into the online, CRM, office or e-mail system. Remembering all required web addresses is also a cumbersome affair. American analysts rightly describe this phenomenon as the “URL madness”.
While respective debates will propagate the complete abandonment of SaaS and web applications to solve all related problems, the Matrix42 study shows that this development cannot be reversed, and this is also true for German companies. As American IDC experts have already revealed in their “Worldwide Software as a Service 2010 – 2014” analysis, the SaaS market growth rates were five times higher than those for on-premise solutions. The Forrester specialists, too, share this assessment; according to their estimates, up to 66 different SaaS applications are currently used within business environments.

Our tip: We recommend that you find out how many personal and business applications that are both used for business purposes, either in parallel or in combination, must be managed by your IT department. Please talk to us – we are happy to provide advice!

Matrix42 MyWorkspace – secure and easy

IT administrators must ensure the safe provisioning of apps to their users without reducing employees’ productivity increases gained through SaaS and web applications. MyWorkspace by Matrix42 is a SaaS solution for companies and their IT departments that provides much more than simple single sign-on and password manager functionality.

MyWorkspace is much less complex than many other identity and access management solutions that are available in the market.

Reduced costs, increased productivity

By providing your employees the tools required to work in an integrated work environment you automatically increase their productivity. MyWorkspace ensures a motivating user experience, which increases employee satisfaction rates – and happy employees have become a key pillar of the company’s viability and long-term success.

MyWorkspace acts as central starting point for the role-based management of all users, apps, content and identities. MyWorkspace can be customized to match your corporate identity and design. Such branding of the work environment also increases your employees’ commitment and acceptance.

MyWorkspace is fully compatible with existing Active Directory infrastructures and can be integrated without any additional firewall or security settings. As a matter of course, MyWorkspace is also compatible with common office applications such as Salesforce, Office365 etc., giving the IT department centralized control of users and groups and allowing for the consolidation of user-specific context data with event data such as meetings, conference calls etc. Your IT department benefits from the easy and secure integration of SaaS and web applications in Active Directory infrastructures, while also having precise control of user access attempts on all workspace apps and content. Compliance with internal company policies and external regulations can also be enforced very easily. No new user names and passwords are required for integration and provisioning purposes.

Higher clarity, less management

MyWorkspace helps you save cost, while increasing productivity rates by getting the most out of your existing infrastructure without the need to implement new complex, expensive technologies. Your company also benefits from a complete, centralized overview and control of application costs and licenses. As of today, MyWorkspace is the only workspace aggregator solution on the market that provides workspace compliance, SaaS and web applications, content integration and remote desktop support within one single browser-based platform.

C-level managers can rely on complete context information (for instance in formation on whether a certain device is a managed or unmanaged device) are collected, based on respective compliance checks. Privacy and security concerns are a thing of the past. Your company benefits from a maximized ROI through easy integration – based on the existing infrastructure.

Leverage MyWorkspace for the fast and easy detection and unsubscription of inactive or rarely used services. Overall administrative efforts are reduced enormously – thanks to the easy-to use, all-in-one dashboard and available application connectors. In-house development efforts are practically reduced to zero.